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    Suicide Statistics

    Youth suicide Statistics

     Facts About Gay and Lesbian Youth Suicide

    • Suicide is the leading cause of death among Gay and Lesbian youth nationally.
    • 30% of Gay youth attempt suicide near the age of 15.
    • Gays and Lesbians are two to six times more likely to suicide than Heterosexuals.
    • Almost half of the Gay and Lesbian teens state they have attempted suicide more than once.
    • It has been conservatively estimated the 1,500 Gay and Lesbian youth commit suicide every year.

    More Suicide Statistics


    Suicide is listed as cause of Death for Adults #10

    42.826 people commit suicide each year

    On average there is 121 suicides daily

    Men die by Suicide 3.5 times more often than woman

    Highest rate of Suicide is middle age adults

    Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-24.

    Each day in our nation there are an average of over 3470 attempts by young people,

    Please my services are completely free. The suicide rate has more than tripled since 2007. Contanct me at any time. I will try my very best to give you information and to try to get the help that you need.

    If this is a child looking at my website you are not alone.  Do not be scared.  My young adults the world is a rough try not to point fingers at yourself their is help.  Suicide is not the solution.

    Update on Me

    I am blessed 9/7/2018

    For those that have walked this journey with me I humbly thank you.  For those that I have helped with my story you have taught me so much more from yours.  I am no longer scared of this world.



    ASIST and SAFE TALK Cerified

    by Nova University

    06/2010 Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist

    6/2005  Associate in Science degree in Cardiovascular Technology

    Thank you

    Thank you to all of my angels.  Thank you for letting be part of your courageous journey.

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    Please remember that we are living in a world were suicide has become the number 1 solution for children and adults.  Please talk more judge less.  We are all loved by the same God and he is the way that is able to judge us.  Not us as a community.  We need to help those in need the mentally ill,  our children.  Lets join hands and realize that life last just about a second and that what we say can either help a person or completely break them.

    Janet's Suicide Journey. I am a suicide survivor.

    Janet's Suicide Survivor Story

    Hi everyone my name is Janet.  I was left at the hospital as a newborn and was picked up by my maternal grandparents.  Both my parents were drug addicts.  I would like to add that at that time my maternal grandparents lived with my mother and aunt but I still slept with my grandparents until my mother decided to leave with my father as that was her option and she as always chose him instead of me.  But it was mandatory for me to be with them Friday to Sunday.  I was mentally, physically and sexually abused ever since I was three years old.  Yet I managed to have a wonderful life Monday to Thursday with my Mima.  I got married to a wonderful man when I was sixteen and he was 19 years old.  We finished High School, College and university together.  We have 3 beautiful children.  I became a Registered Cardiovascular invasive Specialist and practiced for 10 years.  But at the 10th year I decided to start therapy because I had continuous nightmares of the abuse received.   In therapy they did a treatment called EMDR and it opened up a can of worms.  It is a regression therapy in which your adult self is to go back to that abuse child and help her get out of the situation.  But that did not happen.  I started having severe panic attacks to the point where I was not able to practice any longer.  My life became obsolete and I decided that the only place where I would be safe was my room.  So there I stayed for 7 years.  Until three weeks ago that I got in my knees and prayed so much because the only thing I saw ahead of me was Suicide death.  Therefore, the next day I went and started to look for places where I could hand our flyers of Suicide Statistics and places where you can reach help for free.  I also go door to door asking for donations to try to help out with the people who are in crises.  I opened my own web page in which I do ask for donations so that I can help those in need with not only monetary help but aftercare.  I want to tell the world my story and help those that find themselves worthless as I once did. 

    My Suicide Survivor journey

    My journey as a suicide survivor starts as follow after multiple suicide attempts, Baker Acts and a institutionalized at Renfrew (eating disorder center) and agoraphobia I went to church a  few weeks ago and a guest speaker spoke about death suicide.  I felt as if God was speaking directly to me and so I decided it was time to leave the safety of my room after seven years.  I went bought supplies made a board and headed outside to ask for donations and help people in need of a listening ear.  I found that their still exist good compassionate souls out there.  Little by little I started testing myself and now I am trying to ask for donations seven days ago.  I want you to help me continue my journey with me.  I can't do it without you.  So please accompany me and help share this page.

    Join in my Journey

    Please join me I would like people who need me to call me so  I can connect them with low cost community centers for their mental need.  I would like for you to donate so I can help patient's who are mentally ill with medication and medical treatment.  I am also looking for crisis centers ministries schools companies and jails to hire me at no charge as a guest speaker.  I am ready to help as many people as possible.  Let's say no to Suicide and yes to living.  I will not keep silent anymore it's time to speak up....


    Sign up to hear from me for special events and to continue following my journey. Also to see where your money is going too.

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    My services include motivational speaker at companies , churches, schools, jails and individuals.  Also include helping those in need of before care and after care.  Please contact me via text or email jd52280@suicideconsciousness.com so we can set up an appointment for an event.  If you want to donate please do so through the paypal button at the bottom of the website. Thank you

    Presentation and Events

    • May 18 and May 19,2018

    Will be becoming a Registered Behavioral Analyst.

    May 26,2018 Presentation 

    Haitian Nurse Association 

    Mental Disorder Panel

    July 13 and July 14,2018


    Certification to help those that are suicidal out of crisis.

    Motivational Speaker

    I am able to be a guest speaker at schools, colleges, universities, ministrie, crisis centers and jails completel free.  Contact me to schedule an appointment.

    Contact me at any time of the day I am here for you

    Contact me if you feel depressed if you need some one to talk to please call me.

    I am here because God wants me here you are here for the same reason.  Let's lift our voices and say I am not a victim any more I am a survivor.  Say No to Suicide.  Please go to my Blog link and leave a blog or review you can also watch some of my favorite videos.






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